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Bridgestone Battlax Racing W01


Battlax Racing W01 is the latest direct spin-off from Bridgestone’s experience in the highest class of motorcycle racing…MotoGP™.
W01 provides the performance you need to win the top podium spot in wet racing. It’s the perfect tool to make you feel confident on a wet racetrack and get the best lap times out of today’s powerful race bikes.
No need to fear a wet race weekend or a rainy trackday – with Bridgestone Battlax Racing W01, all riders can enjoy the track in the wet and reach pole position.

Product concept
Be the fastest on wet surface racetrackswith a tyre that gives you feeling, grip and total confidence 

Technical aims
Upgrade the total performance package for wet racing in order to be faster, even in changing conditions 

Improve water channeling Improve grip from damp to heavy rain conditions Improve warm-up time

Technical elements
NEW compound
NEW pattern design
NEW profile and optimized construction
NEW size

Main feature
W01 takes Bridgestone’s wet racing tyre to another level
by giving optimum grip and feedback in any wet conditions,
from damp track to heavy rain

Large utilization range
Fast lap times
Great feedback
Quick warm-up time

Pattern design
Direct implementation of the pattern used in last year’s MotoGP™ racing
Optimized rigidity between front and rear in order to give the right pattern deformation
Groove positioning in the same direction as the water flow

Riding with technology proven at the highest levels
Excellent handling performance
Efficient water channeling

New size adopted for the rear tyre, with an upgrade from 180/640R17 to 190/650R17
Reduced belt rigidity to improve contact characteristics 
The benefit of the construction features is that the contact patch has been increased by 5%, which gives higher grip even in heavy rain conditions

Newly-developed compound coming with upgraded technology straight from the tyres used in MotoGP™ Together with the construction features, this compound gives the right feedback to enhance confidence at different lean angles on wet surfaces


Front SBK-SSP 120/600R17) 2Q
Rear SBK-SSP 190/650R17 2Q

Front MOTO3-125 90/580R17 3Q
Rear MOTO3-125 120/595R17 3Q

Rear SM-TWIN 165/630R17 2017

Front 250/300CUP 110/590R17 2017
Rear 250/300CUP 140/620R17 2017

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